"The magic of a unique candle"

Monsters Candles® is our little dream come true. Our goal as artisans from the town of Pamplona (Navarra) has always been the formulation and creation of aromas for scented candles.

As perfume artisans, we respect the techniques of ancient alchemists and artisans whose lives revolved around a good perfume. We are self-employed and our workshop is our forge, we are creators of dragon scales and dreamers of great sensations, designers, shapers, carvers, inveterate readers, lovers of good cinema and great TV series and... we believe in magic.

We love artisan perfumery and scented candles are our life. Every day we challenge ourselves to achieve a bottled fragrance, an experience that leaves its mark.

When we have a new aromatic composition, a new formula in our hands; We explore, we smell, we feel, we dream, we interpret, we investigate, we play and above all, we ENJOY!

We believe that the soul of a scented candle comes from the feeling with which it is created and the passion with which it is designed from scratch. For us, the important thing about a scented candle is its production, its essence, its history and what it makes you, as a reader of this short text, feel when you light the wick.

Literary candles, cinema candles, TV series candles, each one of them carries a little piece of our knowledge and we hope you enjoy them.

At Monsters Candles ® we are going to teach you to smell each note, to feel, to distinguish and perceive the wonderful work behind an artisan fragrance.