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Candle "Violet Sorrengail" Fourth Wing / Blood Wings

Candle "Violet Sorrengail" Fourth Wing / Blood Wings

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"No. I will die. Today"

We fell in love with Violet Sorrengail from the first moment. He may appear to have weaknesses here and there, and he may hide them under layers of determination, but he is a force of nature. And it is precisely that... her perseverance and constant courage, her mastery of calm when being “forced” to be a Rider when she has the mind of a Scribe, what we have tried to convey with each essential.
Once you light the Blood Wings Violet Sorrengail candle, you will be attracted by its fresh, woody perfume from the surroundings of Basgiath. Forests and mountains so snowy that they would freeze any rider. Then, with a deeper inhalation, you will find a sweet and floral touch that represents the femininity of the youngest of the Sorrengail. Woods, fresh, sweet and floral essences to accompany Violet in every challenge.


Special Edition : Exclusive and very limited glass jar with a time-worn mirror effect. Found in the archives and preserved by the Scribes Quadrant. Two formats (Little Beast and Monster)

Small / Little Beast and Large / Monster Edition , in its usual transparent glass jar with black lid to choose between the two sizes.

Notes : Sandalwood, guaiac wood, white musk , lily of the valley and violet petals.


Small Candle / Little Beast : Contains 176 gr net (220 ml.) and the glass container weighs 138 gr. Total weight: 314 gr.

  • Measurements : 7.8cm high x 7cm wide.
  • Hours of use : +40 hours with proper use.

Large / Monster Candle: Contains 340 gr net (410 ml.) and the glass container weighs 237 gr. Total weight: 577 gr.

  • Measurements: 9.5 cm high x 8.5 cm wide.
  • Hours of use: 70-80 hours with proper use.

*Average calculated based on our usual discharges.

Types of wicks

  • 100% organic cotton wick, paraffin-free and toxic-free.
  • Cedar wood MADE IN NAVARRE
  • Wood in the shape of a crosshead or arrowhead

PACK Candle + 70 ml of Melt

Have you ever thought that the candle is too precious to light? If so, we have created a PACK that will make you irresistible :)

Candle + 70 ml. of melts (+€5.90) ​​with the same special format of 4 cavities of 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm. usual for Book Titles.

*The CANDLE + MELT promotion has a 20% discount applied to the melt. Candle and melt will have the same scent.

100% organic soy BIOINSPECTA

At Monsters Candles we value high quality products that respect the environment.
The organic soy wax of all our candles and melts is certified by BIOINSPECTA , it is 100% of vegetable origin, it is created in Spain, and it is free of toxins and chemicals.

IFRA Pure Essences

Our fragrances are pure and natural and are IFRA certified. Like our wax, they are also Cruelty Free and paraben free.

BIO decoration

We decorate our candles with Biodegradable Glitter or BIO GLITTER.

This material is vegan, ecological and safe for the planet. It is composed of plant materials instead of plastics and degrades naturally in the environment.
They comply with global regulations, including EC regulation 1223/2009 and FDA Title 21 regulations.

label design

Each of the Monsters Candles ® labels is designed from scratch by us, based on that character, or that moment to make them totally unique and special. They are printed in Navarra on high quality glossy paper.

This is a handmade product, made with a lot of love and to order. The order preparation period may vary according to demand.

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