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”Our passion is to create magical and as realistic fragrances as possible”

Our beautiful literary candles are handmade with a lot of love and poured by hand in the North of Navarra. Our goal is to create scented candles inspired by books, characters, stories, and fairy tales.

At Monsters Candles we value high-quality, organic products that respect the environment.
With IFRA fragrances, organic soy wax certified by BIOINSPECTA, natural dyes and recycled jars, we express our creativity to create the perfect environment for your reading.

"The curing of our organic soy candles: the most important process"

All of our candles are created, designed and poured by hand respecting healing processes. At Monsters Candles® we value high quality, ecological and environmentally friendly products. For this reason, in each of our candles and melts you will find fragrances that comply with IFRA regulations , essences made without CMR or Phthalates, without toxins or chemicals , and vegetable soy wax with BIOINSPECTA certification, free of genetic modification and without additives. no type.

Likewise, and to give color to our literary candles and melts, we use organic dyes and biodegradable glitter or BIO Glitter .

This small store was born from a creative passion in 2022, and we squeeze it day after day to create the perfect environment for your reading.

We hope you love it :)

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