Care Tips


1- On the first burn of the wick, allow the melted wax to reach the edges of the jar to establish the "memory" stroke, so that each time you light your soy candle, it will "remember" to burn until the edge. (It's also an effective way to prevent tunneling.)

Soy wax has a memory , and if you turn it off before it reaches the edge, the burn path will most likely be affected. So be patient. We recommend that you take a book, prepare a hot tea or coffee, and enjoy those first few minutes of burning.

If you have doubts, there is a golden rule for candles, and it is: 1/2 hour for each centimeter of diameter of the candle jar.

2- In the rest of the burns, always cut the wick a little (both in the wooden wick and in the organic cotton wick) with the help of scissors, or remove the excess soot with your fingers before lighting the candle. Let's not go too far! Just removing a little soot is enough :) If you trim too much, the flame may be weak and take a while to melt the wax.