Full Customization

Personalized candle

This option has a plus of €19.90 and requires a prior RESERVATION. Contact us to carry out the purchase process.

Now you can customize your sail from scratch, with your own exclusive design for you.

This option includes a personalized design, and for this, you will need to describe to us in maximum detail what you want that candle that you have in your mind to be like, what you want to appear on it and what you want the label to contain.

We would like to be able to put an extensive list of all the aromas that we have in stock so that you can choose the ones you like the most, but there are times that even if we want to, there are fragrances that do not fit, that it is better to combine them with others, and there are thousands of proportions and intensities. to take into consideration when mixing essences, so we will do that work for you based on your previous specifications.

After analyzing the fragrance, you will only have to describe to us what you want the overall decoration of the candle to be. Don't put limits on your imagination and unleash your full potential. We will create a perfect candle that represents that character, that moment, a fantastic place or whatever your dreams ask of you :)

We will be in continuous contact from the beginning to the end and when it comes time to send you the personalized and perfect candle, we will also send you the digital label in PNG. so you can always have it.