Collection: IN STOCK (The Section That Comes and Goes)

In this "Coming and Going Section"... you will find literary candles and melts that we currently have IN STOCK .
These candles are in stock because in our usual manufacturing process we have made a few extra for all of you.
The intention of creating this section is so that you can have your favorite candles and melts in a very short period of time. We will ship within 24/48 hours as long as only candles from this section are added to the cart. If anything else is added outside of this section, you must wait the usual preparation time for artisanal orders.

There may be one of each, two or three..., with cotton, crosshead or cedar wick, and from Small/Little Beast to Large/Monster sizes. As soon as stocks run out, they will disappear from this "Section that Comes and Goes".
It will not always be active . We will notify you through Newsletter and Instagram before its reappearance.
We hope you like the new section!
Alejandra and Txema

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