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Monsters Candles

“WONDERLAND” Theme Box Limited Edition

“WONDERLAND” Theme Box Limited Edition

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"Welcome to Wonderland"

This Wonderland-inspired themed box is an adventure through a dangerous forest, full of life and vibrant colors. It is an afternoon of tea with the Hatter where juicy and delicious cakes abound among broken crockery and teas that leak through the cracks. But... there's nothing more fun than fantastic, unpredictable madness. TRUE?

And it is precisely that madness that we wanted to represent in each of the objects that you will find in this very special box.

* Firstly, a beautiful Alice in Wonderland teacup candle with its matching Disney Official plate that we have filled with a frosting of exotic flowers so striking that you will not be able to take your eyes off its bright petals . The cup has a capacity of 300 ml. + 100 ml. double layer of frosting, and two organic cotton wicks.

What if we talk about its charming fragrance?

The perfume we have created to describe an afternoon tea with the Hatter is simply as unpredictable as its host. It is designed so that, as soon as you turn it on, you feel a variety of sweet aromas. But beneath that surface... lies a succession of nonsense that has its exact aromatic representation. A base of sweet fennel, sweet coconut water and melon sugar welcomes you as soon as you light this delicious candle .

This aromatic candle explodes with a notable release of sweet and exquisite notes (a little citrus due to the presence of a pinch of lime zest) that gradually touch the darkness based on a caramelized black tea . And everything in this aroma reminds us of a fun and… strange afternoon. From its sweet notes to the acidic and dark touch typical of a country that can be both a wonder and a real head-starter.

* A 50 ml candle . with cotton wick that will be a mouthful at this afternoon tea. An authentic chocolate cake with hazelnuts covered in vanilla sugar. Our advice? Light this mini candle with a good tea.

*And speaking of teas... @spicyteashop has expressed its passion for giving flavors to literary protagonists in these 5 perfect single-dose tea sachets to have your mid-afternoon tea.

CHESHIRE CAT is a delicious red tea with cinnamon, almonds, Genmaicha, lemon peel, ginger, sweet blackberry leaves and pumpkin . Sweet and surprising, it tastes more like sweet nuts and horchata and is... something extremely addictive. 95º. 4 minutes.

For the QUEEN OF HEARTS it had to be something with an intense red color... This herbal tea gives her that color that this queen loves so much, and also with an acidic touch since the queen is not exactly sweet... TISANA of hibiscus, currant, blueberries, raspberry, strawberry, apple and rose hips. 95º. 6-8 minutes.

EL SOMBRERERO tea is a special and unique tea, like him. It is a mixture of 7 types of black and green tea with a fruity peach flavor. They call it the tea of ​​the 7 treasures... Black tea, Green tea, peach aroma, rose flower and sunflower flower. 80º. 3 minutes.

The WHITE RABBIT is the most British among the British in history, so he had to bring the classic English tea that never fails. It is a premium Earl gray made from black tea and bergamot. 95º. 4 minutes.

And to reflect ALICIA 's personality, a large strawberry cake with cream. Pu Erh red tea, orange peel, vanilla and strawberry pieces that are truly wonderful . 95º. 4 minutes.

Before consuming, and if you have questions about any type of allergen, do not hesitate to contact @spicyteashop at

* A single-dose potion from Alice in Wonderland (BEWARE! No two are alike) @pociones_spellman has been in charge of designing and bottling the magic of a moment as fun as tea with the Hatter.

IMPORTANT: This box is NOT a pre-sale, there are several units available, but when they are sold out, there will be no possibility of replacement.

We hope you love it!


Small Candle / Little Beast : Contains 176 gr net (220 ml.) and the glass container weighs 138 gr. Total weight: 314 gr.

  • Measurements : 7.8cm high x 7cm wide.
  • Hours of use : +40 hours with proper use.

Large / Monster Candle: Contains 340 gr net (410 ml.) and the glass container weighs 237 gr. Total weight: 577 gr.

  • Measurements: 9.5 cm high x 8.5 cm wide.
  • Hours of use: 70-80 hours with proper use.

*Average calculated based on our usual discharges.

Types of wicks

  • 100% organic cotton wick, paraffin-free and toxic-free.
  • Cedar wood MADE IN NAVARRE
  • Wood in the shape of a crosshead or arrowhead

PACK Candle + 70 ml of Melt

Have you ever thought that the candle is too precious to light? If so, we have created a PACK that will make you irresistible :)

Candle + 70 ml. of melts (+€5.90) ​​with the same special format of 4 cavities of 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm. usual for Book Titles.

*The CANDLE + MELT promotion has a 20% discount applied to the melt. Candle and melt will have the same scent.

100% organic soy BIOINSPECTA

At Monsters Candles we value high quality products that respect the environment.
The organic soy wax of all our candles and melts is certified by BIOINSPECTA , it is 100% of vegetable origin, it is created in Spain, and it is free of toxins and chemicals.

IFRA Pure Essences

Our fragrances are pure and natural and are IFRA certified. Like our wax, they are also Cruelty Free and paraben free.

BIO decoration

We decorate our candles with Biodegradable Glitter or BIO GLITTER.

This material is vegan, ecological and safe for the planet. It is composed of plant materials instead of plastics and degrades naturally in the environment.
They comply with global regulations, including EC regulation 1223/2009 and FDA Title 21 regulations.

label design

Each of the Monsters Candles ® labels is designed from scratch by us, based on that character, or that moment to make them totally unique and special. They are printed in Navarra on high quality glossy paper.

This is a handmade product, made with a lot of love and to order. The order preparation period may vary according to demand.

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